Hey, peoples!

I'm Josh. You're probably here because you expect to find something interesting. Hope you won't be disappointed, but you may well be.

My Projects

Mac Installers is something I ended up working on kind of by accident with the wonderful Noah Evans. It all started after he embarked upon a project to install every OS supported by his (now dead) 2009 MacBook upon it.

I have a rather large collection of Mac operating systems, so offered my assistance in sourcing whatever he didn't have. He said in jest that "we should put these on a website when we're done". It just so happened that Noah's friend, Ben has many a server at his disposal, and very kindly offered to host our installer files upon one of these servers.

All was good in the world... for about a month - then there was a bit of drama and Ben lost his server, hence the Google Drive hosting we're using now.

That's the definitive account of how the world was blessed with the site that is Mac Installers.

As a side note, if you're wondering how the Google Drive hosting works: it's spread across several free Google accounts with 15GB storage each, so we don't have to pay :)

After a small trip to Durham by the esteemed senior aide to the UK Government, Mr Dominic Cummings, I took matters into my own hands. I extracted the WordPress theme used on his official blog, and created my own version, detailing his small jaunt into the countryside, as well as a Twitter account where Dom posts semi-regular updates. His official Twitter account is available here in case you're interested.

What a chap he is!

Alibaba Cloud were offering .xyz domains for 18p. I had this dumb idea to create a site which plays a laugh track in the most obnoxious way possible automatically when you go on the site. LMAOOO.xyz was born. If you're viewing this on mobile or some desktop browsers, you'll notice the awful laugh track doesn't play automatically: as hinted to by the instruction to tap. Sadly, to the best of my knowledge, iOS and Android have disabled autoplay audio on the web, so you have to tap the image :(

Fortunately I have made sure that it completely loses your place in any music you were listening to - at least on iOS - so there's a silver lining I suppose. If you know a better way around this, please email me!